Monday, April 7, 2008

Cody, WY

How many seconds can you stay on?

This image is from one of our favorite places, Cody, WY. Actually it is from just outside of Cody, at the Buffalo Bill reservoir. The water is green due to all the sediment that gets kicked up from the wind. If you have never been to Cody, it is a must see. During the summer, there is a night rodeo every night (which gives an abreviated version of all the events), complete with the kid-calf chase which is always a crowd pleaser, or you can watch the old west re-enactment outside the Irma Hotel. If that is not enough, there is an insane museum for Indian and wild west lovers. We head to Cody on the way through Yellowstone (which is an hour away) to Island Park, ID.

Macie's ski career starts here!

This was my daughter's first day of skiing and boy was it a back breaker. We skied together just like the picture shows, but when we were going down the run, I was holding my poles horizontally, so she could use them as a brace. All that leaning over was a killer, but what a great daddy-daughter time.